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Going by the amount of worlds in the other games I'm guessing I'm around halfway through Terra's story in Birth by Sleep now. Really enjoying this game - love the new battle system, and it's nice to have a bunch of worlds that haven't appeared in the series before to explore.


I think it's trying to drive me crazy. Listen to the following excerpts from the soundtrack and tremble. TREMBLE.

Cut for sanity's sake... )


Sep. 16th, 2010 12:40 am
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 I now have Birth by Sleep. I needn't have worried about leaving the house this afternoon as it turned out - the package was small enough to fit through the letterbox. Only just started, as I only got home around 11 (decided to do Terra's story first, partly because he was the first on the list and partly because I want to see if he has the awesome attacks he did in KH2:FM+), but initial impressions are good - here's hoping it stays that way (and explains some of the loose ends the series plot has produced along the way - that's what prequels are for, right?).

Also, I met Charlotte at the hospital when I went for part 3 of my Hep B vaccination - she was there for her knee not long after so I hung around and waited for her. Apparently she's missing a ligament in her leg - the doctors have known for ages but only just got around to telling her. WTF? Also, she came out to me as bi - I'm so proud. :') Although I don't know how our mam will take it if she decides to tell her - according to her bisexuals are "just trying to have their cake and eat it" and should "make their mind up and pick one". GDI mother. -_-;; 


Dec. 10th, 2009 11:08 pm
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  • Both dual wield
  • Both wear black cloaks
  • Both have connections to "twilight"
  • Both first appear with their faces obscured
  • Both are fought in fake arenas
  • Both have a battle in a round white area where you can't move properly
  • Both have an energy bolt attack
  • Both have names starting with unusual letters
  • Both usurped someone with a distinctive voice
  • Both live in grey castles with glowy bits
  • One has grey hair, the other has grey skin
...I really should stop my brain when it goes off on these. -_-;;
And hopefully I'll manage before weird-as-hell crossover fic results


Sep. 4th, 2009 10:25 pm
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*still kinda hates Terra for being such a git to fight in KH2, but yay* :D


May. 31st, 2009 03:40 pm
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Phone line got connected Thursday, so shouldn't be that long before I'm back... just need to sign up for internet now and wait for that. :)

Because I got bored the other day... )

Also... KH-playing peoples on my flist: any tips on how to win against Data Copy!Axel in KH2FM+? Went back to my old file to get 100% completion this week and he's the main thing stopping me (also Mushroom #10, but I'll get there eventually). Ty <3
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Recalling his happy words makes me long for Kingdom Hearts II: Final Fantasy VII Mix, in which all Disney characters have been removed, and the Final Fantasy characters inhabit Disney worlds all alone, where every dialogue consists of the single line "He will awaken soon," spoken by a computer program, repeated, and the bonus Blu-ray includes a mini-application you can load onto your PlayStation 3's hard drive -- which, when activated, will place a real-time, internet-enabled picture-in-picture window in the upper-right corner of the screen, which will show the current state of Tetsuya Nomura's glistening, mumbling lips as he drools while listening to Gackt.

Really interesting review of FFXII / essay on Square - old, but worth reading nonetheless (ditto his Mother 3 one).
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From [ profile] gunnhildr:

STEP 1: Choose a fandom.
STEP 2: Choose a pairing or character.
STEP 3: Choose a tarot card from the Major Arcana [listed below].
STEP 4: Post a fanfiction request.

FANDOMS I'LL WRITE: Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy (all except XI), Ace Attorney (all except 4), Silent Hill (all except Origins), Half-life (inc. Portal), Team Fortress, Kingdom Hearts, killer7, Metroid, Evangelion, Supernatural (not seen S3 yet though).

a. Never work with children or animals.
b. Uc through R18 - it's all good. (it's very rare I write full-on porn though)
c. Word counts will be of my choosing.
d. Requests are limited to one per person for now. However, if spaces remain open after 48 hours, I'll open it to anyone who wants to request more. 48 hours up - knock yourselves out. :)

o. The Fool - Lotta,Atmey,Pearl,April,Grossberg (AA): Charlotte
i. The Magician/The Juggler
ii. The High Priestess - Lesbian Zelda (TP): [ profile] sarshin
iii. The Empress - Telma/Shad (TP): [ profile] taure
iv. The Emperor - Pyramid Head (SH2): [ profile] gunnhildr
v. The Priest - Someone/Vexen (CoM): [ profile] princess_saix
vi. The Lovers - Pyramid Head/James (SH2): [ profile] sarshin
vii. The Chariot - Axel/Demyx (KH2): [ profile] taure
viii. Justice - Marluxia (CoM): [ profile] princess_saix
ix. The Hermit
x. Wheel of Fortune
xi. Strength - Rasler/Ashe (FFXII): [ profile] taure
xii. The Hanged Man - Amarant/Freya (FFIX): [ profile] gunnhildr
xiii. Death - Marluxia, Naminé (CoM): [ profile] taure
xiv. Temperance
xv. The Devil - Rude/Reno (FFVII): [ profile] gunnhildr
xvi. The Tower - Link, Shad, ReDeads (TP): [ profile] taure COMPLETE
xvii. The Star
xviii. The Moon - Midna/Shad (TP): [ profile] taure COMPLETE
xix. The Sun
xx. Judgement - Agitha (TP): [ profile] gunnhildr
xxi. The World - Dean & Sam (SN): [ profile] gunnhildr
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Couple of drabbles got wrote before last night's chat degenerated into drunken nothingness. Not sure what I was thinking when I wrote them, even though I was (relatively) sober at the time ^^;;

Wax - n/a (KH2) )

Dig - Lucas (Pokemon - no really...) )

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Dec. 6th, 2007 02:39 am
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From [ profile] yubberducky:

The Alphabet Drabble Meme:
Below is a listing of the alphabet. Please comment with a letter of your choice (that has yet to be chosen), a word that starts with that letter, and a character or fandom pairing. I will then attempt to write a sentence 100-word drabble from the word and pairing you choose.

Fandoms I will write: Kingdom Hearts (all), Final Fantasy (all except XI), Silent Hill (all), Legend of Zelda (all except 4S & CD-i), Metroid (all except MP3), Resident Evil (all except Survivor), Killer7, Evangelion, Sailor Moon, Phoenix Wright (1 & 2)

EDIT: 3 requests per person :)

A- Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: AFFAIR - Link/Left Hand ([ profile] wrongly_amused)
B - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories: BREAK - Marluxia/Namine ([ profile] mazoku85) COMPLETED
C - Final Fantasy VI: COLD - Sabin/Celes ([ profile] grimgrizzly)
D - Final Fantasy VIII: DOUGHNUT - Seifer/Zell ([ profile] yubberducky) COMPLETED
F - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: FORMALITY - Link/Shad ([ profile] mazoku85)
H- Silent Hill 3: HOOKER - Vincent/Claudia ([ profile] yubberducky)
J - Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: JERK - ???/Link ([ profile] ryutsuki) COMPLETED
P - Silent Hill 4: The Room: PANOPTICON - Victim 07+08/Henry ([ profile] ryutsuki) COMPLETED
U - Final Fantasy VI: UTERUS - Cefca/Terra ([ profile] grimgrizzly)
W - Phoenix Wright: WIENER SCHNITZEL - Gumshoe/Franziska ([ profile] grimgrizzly) COMPLETED
Y - Phoenix Wright: YAMS - Gumshoe/Edgeworth ([ profile] yubberducky)
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A couple of random things I wrote for kink memes, as well as Sarah's surprise birthday fic :)

Warning: completely stupid & often gross and disturbing :D

Shad/Zelda - 'blindfold' )

Din/Link - 'by the light of the fire/doggy-style' )

Tingle/Link - 'asphyxiation & feather-play' )

Goron/Link - 'penetration through the ocular cavity' )

Rusl/Uli - 'spicing things up' )

Zelda/Anon - 'gloryhole' )

Telma/Shad - 'his first b(l)owjob' )

Miles/Phoenix - 'burning to death' )

Marluxia/Vexen - 'sounding' )

ReDead/Link - untitled (Sarah's Birthday Fic) )


Nov. 29th, 2007 04:04 pm
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So glad I stayed off college today (not that I usually go in Thursdays anyway - seeing as I already know SQL Ken said I needn't bother coming in except for tests & stuff) - not 1 but 2 parcels arrived :)

Been playing Re: Chain of Memories - really liking it (CoM is my favourite Kingdom Hearts game, and playing it in 3D and with decent controls is just <3 ). Really noticing the difference in quality between PAL and NTSC though - guess I've been spoiled that way by growing up in the UK. Still, blurry or not I'm pretty damn chuffed :D

Anyway, I'm going to make a cup of coffee now and have a nap (I've given up on a sane sleeping pattern all together now - what's the point in forcing myself into something with no real benefit?)

Really long meme... )

Yays! :D

Nov. 26th, 2007 08:26 pm
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My copy of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+/Re:Chain of Memories arrived today! :D

Hopefully my Japanese is good enough to get through it...

(as an aside, it really says something about how much games manufacturers gouge the UK when I can pick up a limited edition Japanese import brand new for around the same price as any newly-released PS2 game here :-/ )
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Characters: Dilan, Xigbar. Implied Braig/Dilan (very slight)
Summary: Beware of fridge-portals.
Words: 431

Shade )
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Characters: Xehanort, Even (Ansem's POV)
Summary: Ansem recalls the day he found Xehanort
Words: 164

Orange )


Nov. 16th, 2007 10:30 am
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Yay!!! I woke up this morning and they've reconnected my internet! :DDD

Oh, and a KH meme from [ profile] princess_saix:
Warning: opinions follow this cut... )
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Couple more drabbles tonight - not sure if I caught all the prompts due to my internet connection being temporarily possessed by Satan.

Thorn (Marluxia/Axel) )

No prompt (Me venting my frustration) )

Phantasmagoric Monsters (Meg/Link) )

(Oh, and please, merciful gods of the internet, don't let this happen again, k? :D )
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Mostly Kingdom Hearts tonight :)

Sophomoric (dragon!Maleficent/Sora) )

K2CrO4 / Find a happy place / Mother (Vexen) )

Gold (Xigbar/Xaldin) )

Sarah!Linebeck/Jolene )


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