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Stuff I've won in avatar contests (click the banner for the original avatar):

I'm not one for ego-wanking, but I thought I might as well put them somewhere :D

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I just received a rather alarming message from Trans Menace UK, a trans activism group on Facebook. Apparently the government are consulting on scrapping the Equality Act. Without this law in place, firing people based on their gender, race, sexuality, trans status or disabilities is fine, among other things. And given the way they’re framing it as “Red Tape”, and that The Sun and The Daily Mail, two papers that are vehemently opposed to “Yooman Rights” are among the most read in the country yeah… we’re in trouble.

The Tories may be scum, but even I didn’t think they would go this far.

If you’re in the UK, here is a link to the consultation so you can voice your displeasure. We can’t let this happen.

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Yay money!

Apr. 13th, 2011 01:06 am
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My loan came in sometime within the last hour. The essential stuff (a non-OEM copy of Windows 7 and a new hard drive) has been ordered, and will apparently be here before 1pm on Thursday (I paid the extra for express delivery – I’ve waited too long on this broken computer already). Hopefully this will fix the problem (it’s likely – my current boot drive, having come from a somewhat dodgy external unit, seems more likely to have failed than the motherboard, given that it’s a Gigabyte and they’re one of the most reliable brands out there) – if it does I’m considering spending the rest of the money on upgrades to make the computer shinier. If not, well a new mobo won’t cost too much, and I’ll have money left over for fun things.

So yay – nice to have happy things to report after the last two posts being so miserable.

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Yesterday’s visit to the new shrink was… unproductive. Apparently there’s a bit of a mix-up going on in my notes… while I’ve been diagnosed as bipolar and am being treat as such, my previous shrink (the annoyingly up his own arse Dr. Sinclair) decided (based on seeing me twice) that I have Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, aka. borderline. Thing is it doesn’t really fit me, so I was at a loss as to how he came up with it.

Then I saw this in the diagnostic criteria (emphasis mine):

disturbances in and uncertainty about self-image, aims, and internal preferences (including sexual);

Is it just me, or has that old bastard has used my being queer as a diagnostic criterion?

Anyway, I have to try and sort this out; get my notes saying I’m BP to the new shrink. IDK why it’s on me to sort out Dr. Sinclair’s fuckups but there you have it.


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As people may have heard, the UK’s ban on gay male blood has been lifted, as long as the donor hasn’t had gay sex (protected or otherwise) within the last ten years. Frankly, this is bullshit, but I hardly expect better from a homophobic society which still sees AIDS as “the gay disease”.

Plenty will no doubt be said on how this is a poor substitute for screening based on whether the donor has had unprotected sex of any description rather than on their choice of sexual partner. Instead I’ll focus on how this plays into the meme that gay men are either seen as eunuchs or whores; either we’re “good gays” i.e. the sexless sidekicks of the straights, useful for nothing except guiding our straight friends into having more fulfilling lives, or we’re the “bad gays” – dirty sex maniacs with no cares other than getting our ends away until we inevitably die of AIDS.

This conditional blood ban does nothing but enforce this; the good, sexless gays are deserving of the same treatment as straight people, but those of us who have the audacity to try and live our lives fully are still second-class citizens. Fuck that; no half measures.

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I get to see my brand-new shrink tomorrow; not really looking forward to it. I know, it’s for my own good and will probably be great for me but yeah… I haven’t seen a shrink yet I’ve liked and I’m not sure this will change anything.

At least Will said he’d go with me, which should help with the anxiety of meeting them for the first time.

In other news, still waiting for the loan to appear in my bank account so I can get on with fixing the computer, and debating whether I should treat myself to a memory upgrade while I’m on: up for debate because my long-term plan involves buying an X58 motherboard (ASUS’s very nice Rampage III Gene), and any memory I buy for my current, somewhat antiquated 945GC setup will be useless when I do so. Still, that’s probably a long time away, so I might as well make my computer as nice as possible in the meantime. And I may need to buy another Socket 755 motherboard out of the loan anyway, depending on whether the problem is with the hard drive or the SATA controller (pretty sure it’s just the hard drive, mind).

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About sodding time really, little git that he is.

He came down my mam's house this afternoon (drunk), kept kicking off over minor things and eventually flipped when George took his drink (Smart Price bitter... CLASSY) off him because he didn't want him drinking in their house. Knives were brandished, self-harm was done (nothing life-threatening), lots of shouting went on (meanwhile I sat in the living room trying to keep the dogs calm, not that he didn't try and drag me into it several times), things got even worse, John kept shoving George around, ended up knocking my mam over and then running off. The police were alerted, came to the house, set off looking for John and eventually found him (he came quietly apparently, possibly because they had the dog van with them and he didn't want to be mauled) and took him into custody for criminal damage and something else.

At least he won't be around there tomorrow fucking Mother's Day up.


Mar. 29th, 2011 11:09 pm
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Saw the CPN today... she was nice, and plans to get a whole bunch of stuff in motion (getting my meds reviewed and possibly seeing about the lithium thing, starting me on CBT (not what I thought it stood for, apparently: just as well... I'd rather leave that sort of thing to Will) and even non-crazy-related stuff like getting my back seen to properly. So yay! 
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 Well, I saw the doctor. He's considering putting me on lithium (couldn't do it there and then because it needs to be started in hospital - bigger undertaking than valproate or carbamazepine). Fun.

Also Will dropped by to check up on mefor a surprise visit last night. Fun (not sarcastic this time though). :)


Mar. 24th, 2011 03:22 pm
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Will brought weed. It helped. I have an awesome bf. :D

Also, I managed to get in contact with my doctor - he wants me to double up my mood stabilisers and see him on Monday. Hopefully I'll be okay until then. 


Mar. 23rd, 2011 03:52 pm
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People I have on FaceBook might have noticed I'm having computer trouble. Basically, the "Drives? What are those?" thing has started happening again, so I'm stuck on the half-dead Mac once more (annoyingly... I was going to cannibalise it for its hard drive to upgrade the PS3 and then sell the rest for parts, but that's out of the window). This has been one huge source of stress over the last 2 days that REALLY HASN'T HELPED with the whole depression (which is feeling more like a mixed state now... fml) thing. But I have a solution!

Going to apply for a budgeting loan from the Social Fund. I should get around £300. Now, the problem with the computer is either the motherboard or the hard drive. If it's the hard drive, I can get a new one along with a non-OEM copy of Windows 7 (I'm wanting to do a major upgrade in the future, so will need this) for £175. Problem solved. If it's the motherboard, I'll need to get non-OEM Windows 7 anyway, as you can't change motherboards with OEM copies. If I want to keep my files (which I do, TYVM) I'll need a new hard drive too. So no money wasted. My CPU and memory, while not exactly high spec (2.33GHz Core2Duo and 2GB DDR2 respectively) are in good working order. So all I'd need is a Socket 775 motherboard, which will cost around £40 (oh, and some thermal paste, but that's like £2 or something). Well within budget.

...when did I get so good at thinking my way around problems? Why aren't I crying and having a panic attack? Go me!


Mar. 21st, 2011 04:45 am
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Tarantula with a legspan of around 5 inches in kitchen? Not an eyelash batted.

Tiny Agelenid on the wall above the former's tank? OHFUCKSPIDER *jump*
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 Decided to get rid of iTunes in favour of a music player that isn't huge, bloated, slow and ugly. Finally settled on the Zune software (seriously, when did Microsoft start making nice software? First Windows 7, then IE9 which I would consider using if it had extensions, now this... I'm shocked) as it's both snappy and OMG pretty (see?). HOWEVER, when I moved my music out of the nest of iTunes folders all hell broke loose... half my tags seemed to vanish into the ether, along with a tonne of album art (I thought iTunes embedded that in the file?) and now my music collection is, to put it lightly, a great big fucking mess. So I'm taking this opportunity to clear out some of the stuff I never listen to and tag the stuff I actually do properly (yes, even genres).

...this is going to take a while.

*stares despondently at the "Fucked up music" folder on his desktop*
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What was going to be a quiet night in with Will tomorrow is now going to the Pride open evening... hey, it might be fun to get involved in the actual event rather than just showing up, getting drunk and partying. Also BUFFET.

Oh, and I'm thinking of going back to self-hosted Wordpress (or at the very least, - it's a much nicer platform than LJ. I'd still stick around here for you guys and the comms I'm a part of though; I'd just move my posting elsewhere.
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Boris would be whatever profession involves lying in the sun and swatting at people as they walk past. Aragog would be in construction or interior design, if the interesting new layout of hir tank I came home to the other day is any indication.
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( note: I’ll probably carry on that meme eventually – it kind of got held up. First Will was here so I was too busy having sex and eating pizza, then I needed to catch up on my sleep, then I was at my mam’s fixing her computer, then I ended up getting adware that fucked up my sidebar gadgets and kept launching IE so I had to deal with that (first virus since my Acorn days – yay! Not as elegant as Module or Extend though, sadly Sad smile). Also I’ll admit that I haven’t exactly been taking my meds properly – why bother when they’re not working anyway?)


After a couple of weeks faffing about with emulators, I realised something. I seriously miss my BBC Micro*. Sure, computers can do much more stuff nowadays, but were they as fun? I used to love writing stuff for the Beeb, whether it was typing in listings from Acorn/Micro User or making my own stuff up (which was much easier to do back then – BBC BASIC and 6502 assembler were way easier to start doing useful stuff in than what we have now). Plus IDK… the fact that the computer was so primitive (32k RAM/128k on the posh ones, 4 sound channels, 8 screen modes that were all compromises) made people more creative – why bother with “clever” programming when you have near-endless resources available?

*goes to scour eBay for a Master 128*

*note to Yanks: the Beeb was the UK’s answer to the Apple ][ – similar specs and just as popular in schools.

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First vi, now I find out there’s a Windows version of pine… I’m home. C:

(seriously, Outlook and other ~modern~ email clients can go fuck themselves... pine is where it's at)

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And so we say goodbye to Shirley Millner's voice and Mason Wyler. For today's round I'm going to put videos instead of pictures, so you get to hear the person as well as look at them. Thanks, [Poll #1712253]

Day 2

Mar. 1st, 2011 12:58 am
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Bye bye, River (the guys were tied, so I flipped a coin) & Diamanda. ;-;[Poll #1711642]


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