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About sodding time really, little git that he is.

He came down my mam's house this afternoon (drunk), kept kicking off over minor things and eventually flipped when George took his drink (Smart Price bitter... CLASSY) off him because he didn't want him drinking in their house. Knives were brandished, self-harm was done (nothing life-threatening), lots of shouting went on (meanwhile I sat in the living room trying to keep the dogs calm, not that he didn't try and drag me into it several times), things got even worse, John kept shoving George around, ended up knocking my mam over and then running off. The police were alerted, came to the house, set off looking for John and eventually found him (he came quietly apparently, possibly because they had the dog van with them and he didn't want to be mauled) and took him into custody for criminal damage and something else.

At least he won't be around there tomorrow fucking Mother's Day up.

Oct. 21st, 2010 03:42 pm
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Uncle Paul, by Reuben (age 3) <3 


Sep. 16th, 2010 12:40 am
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 I now have Birth by Sleep. I needn't have worried about leaving the house this afternoon as it turned out - the package was small enough to fit through the letterbox. Only just started, as I only got home around 11 (decided to do Terra's story first, partly because he was the first on the list and partly because I want to see if he has the awesome attacks he did in KH2:FM+), but initial impressions are good - here's hoping it stays that way (and explains some of the loose ends the series plot has produced along the way - that's what prequels are for, right?).

Also, I met Charlotte at the hospital when I went for part 3 of my Hep B vaccination - she was there for her knee not long after so I hung around and waited for her. Apparently she's missing a ligament in her leg - the doctors have known for ages but only just got around to telling her. WTF? Also, she came out to me as bi - I'm so proud. :') Although I don't know how our mam will take it if she decides to tell her - according to her bisexuals are "just trying to have their cake and eat it" and should "make their mind up and pick one". GDI mother. -_-;; 
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Just got back from my mam's, after nearly being blown to Kingdom Come. Me & George were rewiring the shed, and ended up both getting a pretty nasty zapping when it turned out she'd plugged it in (by accident she says - a likely tale). Him screwing a wire into the light switch, me stripping the other end = 230V AC straight through the both of us.

Apart from that minor kerfuffle all went well... managed to turn the nasty old circular fittings that I banged my head off every time I went in there into something more appropriate. Yay. :) Now to start on our next project.

Oh goody...

May. 5th, 2009 11:50 am
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My mam just phoned... finally asked outright if I would dogsit for them when they go on holiday in a few weeks (after indirectly asking pretty much whenever I've saw her for a while, something she knows I don't respond to).

I would do it (I like Rosie, even if she is completely deranged), and I'd be getting compensated for the bus fares etc. involved, but it's the fact she never bothered asking properly until now and that she expected it. :/ Also that she thinks Boris'll be fine with me just coming home once a day to feed him, while her dog needs someone to be there all day... why not the other way around?

Oh well. Knowing me I'll cave within a couple of phone-calls anyway... really don't know why I'm mentioning this in the first place. :|

Also. (video version) *makes disapproving clucking noises with his tongue*
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Sheba just died. :(

Apparently she went in her sleep just now - my mum just rang to tell me. We've known it was coming for a while now (apart from anything else the breast cancer came back, and it wasn't worth the risk of anaesthetic to get it removed at her age), but it's still a bit of a shock - she seemed to have bucked up a lot last I was down there.

Staying over this Christmas just won't be the same without waking up to an Alsatian-induced dead leg. ;-;



Nov. 30th, 2008 10:23 pm
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"Don't be stupid, God's made-up."
  --My 6-year-old niece to her teacher after being explained to who Jesus was for her upcoming nativity play.

My 6-year-old niece who will be playing the archangel Gabriel.


...I really can't wait to see this. XD
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Just got back now. (Long story short, I decided 5 minutes before I left to go to my mum's instead of my sister's for Xmas - surprisingly there was no drama there :) ). No fights either, which was refreshing. Also amazingly, there were no cooking disasters and only minimal stress there (despite the kitchen feeling like it had been transported to the sun thanks to all the pans on the go).

As well as indigestion for the next 4 days, I came away with:

  • Sex and the City complete collection

  • Sheet music for Liebesträume

  • A scary china doll thing D:

  • Doctor Who slippers, lighter & mug (the latter complete with cocoa and mini-marshmallows :) )

  • NGE Angelic Days vol.1 (from [ profile] mazoku85)

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz comic (from [ profile] mintylim)

Thanks guys <3

I found it amusing that in spite of all the games John got for Xmas, and all the stuff on TV, we probably had more fun teaching him to play Hearts than anything else ^^;;

Anyway - going to have a quick nap now as I'm shattered :)


Dec. 19th, 2007 06:01 pm
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I'm extremely pissed off at my sisters right now.

Seeing as Charlotte has the biggest kitchen out of the lot of us I was supposed to be making the xmas dinner at hers. And now they've gone and spent £120 fucking quid on food (around twice what it usually costs and for less people), namely ready-prepared frozen roasts that I won't get to do a fucking thing with (I always do the xmas dinner from scratch). Not to mention they deliberately went without me and are expecting me to cough up 1/3 of the price (despite there being 5 of them including Aaron and the kids and only one of me). So basically they've spent far too much, cut me out of one of the few things about the damn holiday I enjoy and expect me to foot the bill.

I'm seriously thinking about staying home and having fish & chips next Tuesday :-|

The money thing's sorted - Toya phoned this morning and apparently she'd been thinking the same thing - I'm only paying for me now. From what she said Charlotte was the one who did most of the stuff I was angry about, and I believe her - Charlotte was the one who instantly went on the defensive when I confronted them about it, and she's been sponging money off me, Toya and my mum for a while now (not really her fault, but she could try and pay some of it back - between the 3 of us she now owes about £1000 and practically lives out of Toya's fridge and we've yet to see a penny of it). I'm still annoyed about missing out on cooking the dinner, but I'll just let it drop.


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