Apr. 13th, 2011

Yay money!

Apr. 13th, 2011 01:06 am
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My loan came in sometime within the last hour. The essential stuff (a non-OEM copy of Windows 7 and a new hard drive) has been ordered, and will apparently be here before 1pm on Thursday (I paid the extra for express delivery – I’ve waited too long on this broken computer already). Hopefully this will fix the problem (it’s likely – my current boot drive, having come from a somewhat dodgy external unit, seems more likely to have failed than the motherboard, given that it’s a Gigabyte and they’re one of the most reliable brands out there) – if it does I’m considering spending the rest of the money on upgrades to make the computer shinier. If not, well a new mobo won’t cost too much, and I’ll have money left over for fun things.

So yay – nice to have happy things to report after the last two posts being so miserable.

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I just received a rather alarming message from Trans Menace UK, a trans activism group on Facebook. Apparently the government are consulting on scrapping the Equality Act. Without this law in place, firing people based on their gender, race, sexuality, trans status or disabilities is fine, among other things. And given the way they’re framing it as “Red Tape”, and that The Sun and The Daily Mail, two papers that are vehemently opposed to “Yooman Rights” are among the most read in the country yeah… we’re in trouble.

The Tories may be scum, but even I didn’t think they would go this far.

If you’re in the UK, here is a link to the consultation so you can voice your displeasure. We can’t let this happen.

Originally published at Jaffa Cakes and Sodomy. Please leave any comments there.


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