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Yesterday’s visit to the new shrink was… unproductive. Apparently there’s a bit of a mix-up going on in my notes… while I’ve been diagnosed as bipolar and am being treat as such, my previous shrink (the annoyingly up his own arse Dr. Sinclair) decided (based on seeing me twice) that I have Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, aka. borderline. Thing is it doesn’t really fit me, so I was at a loss as to how he came up with it.

Then I saw this in the diagnostic criteria (emphasis mine):

disturbances in and uncertainty about self-image, aims, and internal preferences (including sexual);

Is it just me, or has that old bastard has used my being queer as a diagnostic criterion?

Anyway, I have to try and sort this out; get my notes saying I’m BP to the new shrink. IDK why it’s on me to sort out Dr. Sinclair’s fuckups but there you have it.


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I get to see my brand-new shrink tomorrow; not really looking forward to it. I know, it’s for my own good and will probably be great for me but yeah… I haven’t seen a shrink yet I’ve liked and I’m not sure this will change anything.

At least Will said he’d go with me, which should help with the anxiety of meeting them for the first time.

In other news, still waiting for the loan to appear in my bank account so I can get on with fixing the computer, and debating whether I should treat myself to a memory upgrade while I’m on: up for debate because my long-term plan involves buying an X58 motherboard (ASUS’s very nice Rampage III Gene), and any memory I buy for my current, somewhat antiquated 945GC setup will be useless when I do so. Still, that’s probably a long time away, so I might as well make my computer as nice as possible in the meantime. And I may need to buy another Socket 755 motherboard out of the loan anyway, depending on whether the problem is with the hard drive or the SATA controller (pretty sure it’s just the hard drive, mind).

Originally published at Jaffa Cakes and Sodomy. Please leave any comments there.


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