Jun. 23rd, 2010 12:53 am
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Why yes, using Twitter as a medium to sing Mulan songs is the most productive use of the Internet possible.

ILU guys. <3
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Curse you Twitter, getting my hopes up like that.
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Just found this blog post by them regarding their stance on the Digital Economy Bill... very nice to hear. 

Where a content owner (like a record label or a games company) approaches BE and requests the details of a member because of an alleged copyright infringement we will not supply this information direct to the requester unless they have a Court Order.

Yay for ISPs who won't be the music industry's bitch. :)

While I'm on, any Brits reading this might want to consider switching to them - they've given me probably the most reliable connection I've ever had, and definitely the fastest, and they're very reasonably priced (£17.88 a month for a static IP address and true unlimited usage at anything up to 24Mbps depending on line quality).

Their website is, for anyone who's interested.


May. 3rd, 2010 01:04 pm
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MUNICH, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 06:  In this photo...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

I've finally moved over to Chrome full time. While it was my favourite browser to begin with (lovely minimal UI and much faster than Firefox or Safari for most stuff) it did have a few problems - no equivalent for LJ Addons and the usual WebKit problem with animated GIFs being the biggest ones. But now there's a couple of extensions that pretty much replicate what I used LJ Addons for and they've somehow managed to improve GIF performance (no idea how) there's nothing holding me back anymore (OK, LJ Hook was nice, but it's not often I slip and use BBcode instead of HTML formatting so I can manage fine without).

Yay for faster Javascript, YouTube HTML5 support and near-instant loading times. :D

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Mar. 15th, 2010 08:47 pm
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Considering moving back to self-hosted Wordpress - I kind of miss it, and it's a much nicer platform to work from than LJ. Now I have a static IP address it'll be a much smaller PITA to deal with the DNS stuff too. Probably best to wait until I have a more stable computer though - can't be doing with the site barely being online.

Shouldn't mean much change here in any case - there's a nice plugin to crosspost stuff to LJ, so any real entries I may or may not make will get sent over here along with all the daft memes, Twitter roundups and writers block thingies.

In other news, got around to watching Final Destination 4 *steadfastly refuses to use confusing real name*. After the shitfest that was the third film I wasn't expecting much, but turned out to be pretty fun. :)
Also, getting a touch bored of my music collection... recsplz? (mainly looking at [ profile] gunnhildr and [ profile] alkazar as I'm in an industrial/metal-type mood as of late, but it's all good)

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Is it weird that my ISP hasn't billed me since I signed up with them? I supposedly had 3 months free, but I switched in May. Checked on their website, and apparently I owe them nothing, so it's not that the payment isn't going through or anything.

*hopes his noticing doesn't mean the free internet goes away*

In other news, I think I'm nearly finished the story mode in Dissidia now. Still liking it... while the story itself's pretty much just self-indulgent wank and the dialog's corny as all hell, the voice acting is spot on, the characters all have nicely distinct fighting styles and the gameplay's good for a fighting game - the RPG elements make it a lot less of a button masher than most. Favourite fighters at the moment are probably Bartz, Zidane, David BowieEmperor Mateus and Kefka, and I'm really relieved about the latter... when I first tried him his attack style was driving me barmy but now I know what I'm doing it turns out he rules as much as he should. Sephiroth and Cloud are pretty much meh, which didn't see coming with the amount Squeenix seems to love FF7. :O

So yeah... probably going to get a lot more life out of this one. :>


Jun. 4th, 2009 03:49 pm
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That was a short 7-10 days. 8D


May. 31st, 2009 03:40 pm
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Phone line got connected Thursday, so shouldn't be that long before I'm back... just need to sign up for internet now and wait for that. :)

Because I got bored the other day... )

Also... KH-playing peoples on my flist: any tips on how to win against Data Copy!Axel in KH2FM+? Went back to my old file to get 100% completion this week and he's the main thing stopping me (also Mushroom #10, but I'll get there eventually). Ty <3


May. 14th, 2009 04:58 pm
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Just got off the phone with BT - should be able to get the line connected some time next week, then I'll be able to get the internet connection sorted (can't apply without the line already connected unless I go with BT Broadband (nothx), unfortunately).
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Just letting you guys know I won't be around very much for now... my internet (and phone) have been cut off and who knows if they'll get put back on. I'll try to show up when I'm somewhere with internet access (like now), but yeah... D:
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lol @ comment shitstorm - isn't it cute when people think marriage is a religious thing?

(via Homosecular Gaytheist)

Also. <3


Dec. 7th, 2008 03:16 pm
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Does this mean owning a copy of Nevermind is now a child sex offense?

I checked mine and turns out they're one of the ones censoring - checked the page and "404", despite WP not using a stock 404 page with missing articles. Just in case it turns out they're a sub-company of Virgin I've installed Dephormation; - don't want them spying on me as well as nannying me.

ETA - apparently they're part of Opal, not Virgin (just checked with Geotool), but Phorm protection is still a good idea nonetheless.

Halp :(

Oct. 3rd, 2008 04:16 am
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Stupid internets ;-;

Mainly asking [ profile] _lysia_ seeing as she knows about this type of stuff, but others might know too; any idea what this means (getting a mixture of all 4, mostly the first 2)?

If(PVC1) PPP fail : Timeout in LCP negotiation
If(PVC1) PPP fail : CHAP authentication failure
If(PVC1) PPP fail : Timeout in CHAP negotiation
If(3) PPP Dial timeout :< 52000

I'd have thought it was to do with crappy line quality, except that seems to be fine. :/

It seems to happen mostly when I'm wanting to be on AIM (late night/early morning) - the connection starts dropping out more and more frequently until it can't get back up at all, throwing up those errors in the router log. I'm beginning to think switching ISPs was a mistake - it may be much faster & cheaper, and mean I'm away from the uselessness of Tiscali, but if this is the cost...
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=========== THE JULIE MOULT IMAGE CHALLENGE ==============

Julie Moult is an idiot

Step One - Create an image featuring the words "Julie Moult is an idiot" (or "Julie Moult is not an idiot, but instead a much-misunderstood campaigner for truth and a very nice person once you get to know her").

Step Two - Include the words 'julie' and 'moult' in the filename for your image.

Step Three - Publish it on your website or weblog in a post explaining what it is and why it's there (including, if you like, these steps and a link back to this article).

Step Four (optional) - If you really mean business, put her name in your article title and maybe even drop in some 'ALT' or 'Title' goodness for your image.

:: Please keep in mind that Julie Moult might be willing and able to sue you if she can prove that she isn't an idiot (though I'm quietly confident that this won't be a problem).

:: You may also wish to include a picture/glimpse of yourself in your image, as I have (above), so Julie is certain that real people, not invisible Google pixies, lurk behind the eventual results.


Jun. 9th, 2008 06:03 pm
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Think I figured out the AIM problem - whole bunch of ports needed opening that I didn't even know about (apparently iChat needs more than just the regular ones - could apply to other AIM clients too actually).

If it's not working for other people then here's the ports (for audio/video chat & conferencing):

TCP: 5190,5220,5222-5223,5298
UDP: 5060,5190,5297-5298,5353,5678,16384-16403

Also, happy birthday, [ profile] _lysia_!


Apr. 25th, 2008 12:25 pm
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Looks like I've found a reason for my internet conection being so flaky these last few days - my download speeds are pretty much double what I usually get (downloading the Bioshock demo right now, and instead of the 120kB/s or so I usually get it's hovering around the 240kB/s mark :D ) - could this mean I've finally got a better line installed? Only time will tell... :)

Oh - got the flight booked yesterday, and hopefully the hotel too (they'll be ringing today or tomorrow to tell me whether there's a vacancy or not) - looks like I'll make it after all. :D
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Finally got lured away from Safari D:

Firefox isn't as fast or streamlined as I'm used to, but all the lovely extensions really make up for it - Safari isn't exactly the most extendable program out there. Also, it means I don't need a separate LJ client - the combination of Deepest Sender & LiveJournal Addons more than replaces iJournal :)
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Normal service has been resumed :D
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Well, the workman showed up, only to do exactly what the one yesterday did. >_<

Apparently the guy yesterday must've forgot to pass the results of the line test on, as the new guy said they didn't know someone had even been out. Anyway, he said that someone would be out tomorrow to actually fix it, but knowing my luck it'll keep on repeating the last 2 days in some sort of Kafka-esque nightmare.

Meanwhile, my connection is getting worse and worse (when this started all that was happening was a bit of lag in AIM - now I'm lucky if anything works - I'll try to get on AIM tonight, but yeah :-|


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