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I hate that getting a hug and a peck on the cheek from Will before I got on the bus home today had me worried the entire journey back that after I'd left he'd got beaten up for it. We shouldn't have to worry about things like that, for fuck's sake.


Jan. 18th, 2011 05:20 pm
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I don't think my antipsychotics are working as well as they should be (there's been quite a lot of instances in the past week where I haven't been sure if I was actually doing something or dreaming it), which could be due to my being ill (monster flu still hasn't gone away fully yet), but could be a sign I need to have my meds reviewed, which may well end up with me turning into a fat, sexless zombie again. My body-clock is completely fucked up; while I'm sleeping and waking at relatively "normal" times, my body seems to be convinced it's summer, making me want to do nothing except have tepid-water showers and drink Tizer. Oh, and this beard idea really hasn't worked out - the colour is very uneven, it's all shaggy over my lips, it keeps getting tangled in my labret stud and it feels unpleasantly greasy. Gonna borrow my stepdad's shears tomorrow and get rid (I would just use the electric razor, but it might be too thick). Also, Will left me with epic hickeys that make me look like I've been strangled and my hair appears to have gone insane - I'm tempted to buzz the hawk off along with my beard when I get hold of the shears. So yeah... mad beard, mad hair, bruised neck, bad cough... I'm not exactly at my prettiest.

Anyway, how're you guys?


Aug. 20th, 2010 11:41 am
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I have a grand total of £6 in my wallet (would be £15, but I can't get amounts less than £10 out of the bank, and if I leave it in it'll mean I'll have £10 extra to spend next week, which will be helpful as I think my Internet bill's due soon) and food-wise I have two apples, a tomato, half a cucumber, 2 pitta breads, some chocolate coffee beans and half a jar of pickles to last me until Tuesday. Also I'm bored out of my skull and want to go out, but aforementioned cash limit of £6 puts the kibosh on that.

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WTF is going on with my legs these last few days? At first it was just a few mysterious bruises that I attributed to me thrashing about in my sleep; now there's a huge black bruised lump on my right calf that's pretty painful. Also I managed to cut my knee on my pants earlier (I'm wearing zip-off cargo pants and the zip managed to scrape me when I sat down)  and the cut's decided to do the red spiky pattern and dull ache thing.

I swear, I should wear cricket pads 24/7...


Jul. 14th, 2010 07:37 pm
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 I knew I should have binned that ruptured laptop battery. Damn my concern for the environment stopping me from doing so. One of the cells finally burst and let out a load of gas. I've moved Aragog into the bedroom so he's as far away as possible, but I'm still kind of worried - it's probably not a good thing to have unknown gases floating around a flat that I can't ventilate for fear of the cat escaping.

Any idea what it would be, and whether it's harmful or not? It was a Lithium Ion battery from a Macbook Pro, and the gas kind of smells like methanol, if that helps.
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 The crickets still haven't shut up. ;-;

In more interesting news, just got through a second chapter of A People's History of the United States. TYSM for the recommendation, [ profile] brewsternorth  and [ profile] yunghustlaz  - this book is awesome (if somewhat bile-aggravating and depressing). Definitely going to buy a real copy. <3
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My futon's broke.

Not in a fixable way, either - the wood has split so the right side of the bit you sit on when it's folded up has completely come away. That's what I get for buying cheap pine furniture, I guess. I've managed to shove it into a couch-like shape, but I can't unfold it - looks like I'll be sleeping on it this way until I can afford a new one, which may be some time due to my being poor. Fuck.

Farewell, dear futon. We've had some good times. :( 
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[Poll #1585590]On one hand, "Woo Pride!" But on the other "Boo commercialism and promotion of 'safe' issues to the detriment of more important but unpopular stuff!". I'm conflicted - help me out, guys.


Feb. 11th, 2010 06:09 pm
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Just got back in after fleeing the house this morning. Boris decided to flip out for no discernable reason, badly shredded my right arm leaving three claws behind and chased me through the flat. Eventually managed to shut him in the living room, went to the doctors, got bandaged up & de-tetanused, then spent most of the day at my Mam's to give him time to cool down. Seems to have worked (although the house looks somewhat like an abbatoir - didn't realise I bled so much), but I'm pretty jumpy in case it happens again, and there was a minor kerfuffle where he wouldn't let me back out of the kitchen with coffee just now - fingers crossed that was nothing though.

So yeah... fun day. :]


Nov. 18th, 2009 04:49 pm
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I just looked and my left propeller key's got a split right down the middle. HOW? D:

A replacement keyboard's going to cost like £50. Seeing as the laptop's on its last legs anyway (the screen corruption problem's not going away) I think I can manage for now - money'd be better put towards a Hackintosh-capable mobo (not got the cash for a new real Mac atm, but since Snow Leopard came out it's apparently really easy to roll your own now).


Oct. 1st, 2009 01:20 am
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I think the laptop's graphics card is about to go nipples-skyward... getting the weird lines & Technicolor rectangles more than ever. Probably time to start saving up for a new computer (ideally a Mac Pro - tower so better cooling and not laptop-based like iMacs so proper, replaceable graphics card).

Fuck. D:
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Wanting to go to the Iran rally they're having at Grey's Monument tomorrow. Problem is they're saying to wear black pants & green shirts, but my black jeans need washing (and are really more of a charcoal grey at this point anyway) and the only green shirt I own has a Sesame Street logo on the front.

Not sure if showing up smelly and advertising children's TV shows would send the right message. Ugh. :|


May. 31st, 2009 03:40 pm
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Phone line got connected Thursday, so shouldn't be that long before I'm back... just need to sign up for internet now and wait for that. :)

Because I got bored the other day... )

Also... KH-playing peoples on my flist: any tips on how to win against Data Copy!Axel in KH2FM+? Went back to my old file to get 100% completion this week and he's the main thing stopping me (also Mushroom #10, but I'll get there eventually). Ty <3


May. 17th, 2009 03:32 pm
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Damn upstairs neighbour set his flat on fire on Thursday - not quite sure how much stuff is water damaged at the moment (and thankfully nothing electrical was got), but there's at least a few clothes and possibly a chair ruined (and everything stinks of smoke now :( ). Also I think the cat's scared to eat now (I was feeding him when the alarm went off and he hasn't ate since - probably expects sirens to start up if he goes near the food dish XD )

Anyway, how's everyone else? :>
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Just letting you guys know I won't be around very much for now... my internet (and phone) have been cut off and who knows if they'll get put back on. I'll try to show up when I'm somewhere with internet access (like now), but yeah... D:
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I opened the door this morning to a pile of post, just dumped there.

In said pile:

Bank statements from January and February
Receipt for a Paypal Topup card I bought mid-January
Phone bill for January (the reason I'm on incoming calls only at the moment, incidentally: I couldn't make the payment without the detachable bit on the bottom of the bill)

And a "Sorry we couldn't be bothered to knockyou were out when a parcel came" card, dated 28th November 2007.


Anyone know if it's possible to sue the Royal Mail?
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I've been able to play Toccata and Fugue in D Minor since I was FUCKING TEN. My mind is now blank and my fingers may as well be kielbasa held on with sellotape. WTF's going on? D:


Feb. 17th, 2009 06:01 pm
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The cupboard appears to be showing my current lack of cash some sympathy - food is there that wasn't there last I looked. :o

I'm avoiding the bag of yellow mystery powder though...
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A little snow and a 20 mile bus journey takes 2 1/2 hours. Curse you and your lack of preparedness, Gateshead Council. D:<

But on the plus side, new hat (and a smiley face ball for my labret). :3

Also... )
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How can they think it's remotely alright to take £90 out of my account with no warning or anything, leaving me with a grand total of £40 to last the fortnight? (technically £20 as I had to pay Toya back for what I borrowed a few weeks ago, but they didn't know that). And when I phoned to ask? A mumbled, trailing off apology for "Oh, that'll be for...things..." (a few minutes of shouting & acting generally pissy revealed it was an "overdraft charge", despite me not getting overdrawn). At least I got to appeal to the area manager for it to be refunded, so here's hoping (and in the meantime, looks like it's ramen week again)...



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