Mar. 29th, 2011 11:09 pm
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Saw the CPN today... she was nice, and plans to get a whole bunch of stuff in motion (getting my meds reviewed and possibly seeing about the lithium thing, starting me on CBT (not what I thought it stood for, apparently: just as well... I'd rather leave that sort of thing to Will) and even non-crazy-related stuff like getting my back seen to properly. So yay! 
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 Well, I saw the doctor. He's considering putting me on lithium (couldn't do it there and then because it needs to be started in hospital - bigger undertaking than valproate or carbamazepine). Fun.

Also Will dropped by to check up on mefor a surprise visit last night. Fun (not sarcastic this time though). :)


Mar. 24th, 2011 03:22 pm
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Will brought weed. It helped. I have an awesome bf. :D

Also, I managed to get in contact with my doctor - he wants me to double up my mood stabilisers and see him on Monday. Hopefully I'll be okay until then. 
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So, I went to the doctor's on Wednesday, and mentioned the whole antipsychotics not working, need new brain thing, expecting him to increase my dosage/try something new and send me on my merry way, like he has in the past. But no... now he's decided that my mental condition is beyond his help, and I need to make an appointment with my (ever-elusive) CPN/keyworker to get it seen to. Which will take fuck-knows how long.

So yeah... apparently losing one's grip on reality isn't seen as particularly urgent. Nice to know. 

Self-diagnosis is a fool's game, but my bipolar disorder is seeming more and more like schizoaffective disorder these days - the psychosis is setting in even when I'm not manic. Here's hoping not though.


Jan. 18th, 2011 05:20 pm
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I don't think my antipsychotics are working as well as they should be (there's been quite a lot of instances in the past week where I haven't been sure if I was actually doing something or dreaming it), which could be due to my being ill (monster flu still hasn't gone away fully yet), but could be a sign I need to have my meds reviewed, which may well end up with me turning into a fat, sexless zombie again. My body-clock is completely fucked up; while I'm sleeping and waking at relatively "normal" times, my body seems to be convinced it's summer, making me want to do nothing except have tepid-water showers and drink Tizer. Oh, and this beard idea really hasn't worked out - the colour is very uneven, it's all shaggy over my lips, it keeps getting tangled in my labret stud and it feels unpleasantly greasy. Gonna borrow my stepdad's shears tomorrow and get rid (I would just use the electric razor, but it might be too thick). Also, Will left me with epic hickeys that make me look like I've been strangled and my hair appears to have gone insane - I'm tempted to buzz the hawk off along with my beard when I get hold of the shears. So yeah... mad beard, mad hair, bruised neck, bad cough... I'm not exactly at my prettiest.

Anyway, how're you guys?
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Just in time for Will coming back from Ireland, I've been struck down with the dreaded lurgy, turning what once was a human body into a giant bag of phlegm and pain. Oh, and I need to tidy the flat. FML :( 

Will says he doesn't mind if I'm ill, he just wants to see me (aww <3), but I mind... I don't want to make him ill too. D:
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Okay, yay my tonsilitis is gone (as is the gum infection I've been meaning to see about but not got around to - hooray for twofers!), but seriously, I could do without the horrible gut pains and other enteric horrors. This is going to make tomorrow much less fun. :(

*gets back to cleaning*


Oct. 12th, 2010 10:40 pm
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Being as it is 12 years to the day* since Matthew Shepard was murdered I feel like I should make some sort of post about this, but unfortunately I can't concentrate due to being horribly ill (fever, headache, achy neck and tonsilitis so bad it looked like there was a gaping necrotic hole there to my untrained eye). GLAAD's post today and the links it provides will have to do in the meantime (and I'm sure someone will have a post far more read-worthy than anything I could produce up before you know it - [livejournal.com profile] sparkindarkness maybe? He's good at those).

*takes more antibiotics and wishes for the hurtiness to go away*

*which is apparently more than long enough for it to become joke-appropriate material, but I'm not going to think about that as it will just end up with me flying to Montana and getting life

ETA: I knew I could count on you, Sparky. <3

Oh dear...

Sep. 28th, 2010 11:13 pm
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My bottom gum appears to be receding. I think I know why - there was a kissing-related incident a couple of weeks ago with my labret and the area's been hurting ever since but still, yikes. D:

Anyone know what I can do about it? I looked on BME Wiki and someone mentioned that using a CBR instead of a labret stud could stop it rubbing against the gums and prevent further erosion - think this is worth a shot? Any other ideas?

(visiting the dentist isn't an option right now - I'm not registered with one (still on a waiting list) so can only get treatment for emergencies)


Sep. 16th, 2010 12:40 am
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 I now have Birth by Sleep. I needn't have worried about leaving the house this afternoon as it turned out - the package was small enough to fit through the letterbox. Only just started, as I only got home around 11 (decided to do Terra's story first, partly because he was the first on the list and partly because I want to see if he has the awesome attacks he did in KH2:FM+), but initial impressions are good - here's hoping it stays that way (and explains some of the loose ends the series plot has produced along the way - that's what prequels are for, right?).

Also, I met Charlotte at the hospital when I went for part 3 of my Hep B vaccination - she was there for her knee not long after so I hung around and waited for her. Apparently she's missing a ligament in her leg - the doctors have known for ages but only just got around to telling her. WTF? Also, she came out to me as bi - I'm so proud. :') Although I don't know how our mam will take it if she decides to tell her - according to her bisexuals are "just trying to have their cake and eat it" and should "make their mind up and pick one". GDI mother. -_-;; 
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Went to the doctors and the dentists today. The former doubled my antidepressants so hopefully that will help, and the latter fixed my broken tooth which is good also.

...then I got home. D:

The house had been invaded by flies. Lots of them. Buzzing around the window in a noisy swarm, sitting on the towels in the bathroom and hiding behind the kitchen clock. Not pleasant. I managed to chase most of them out of the window and swat the rest (probably still some hiding, but they're not bugging me so it's okay for now), but srsly - where the fuck did they come from?

Also, there was a horrible smell on entering the building; this coupled with the fly attack has me thinking that one of my neighbours is dead and decomposing. D:


Jun. 26th, 2009 08:34 pm
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Yay for codeine~~~~
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I think that flu I've managed to dodge so far despite everyone around me dropping like so many flies has finally managed to have its wicked way with me. Dammit. :(

And thanks for the card, [livejournal.com profile] gunnhildr - much appreciated. <3
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Stupid cold :(
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Just one tonight...

Triple Black - Jizzrobe, Link (MM) )

Since I got the tooth repaired, it seems to have annoyed my wisdom tooth - it's started on the constant shoving again :(
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Back from the dentists - as it turned out he didn't take the tooth out after all - I got away with a root canal. Still waiting for the novocaine to wear off, but hopefully no more pain :D


Dec. 17th, 2007 05:27 pm
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Yay! The toothache's eased off for now (one of my back teeth is pretty much totalled; it got cracked ages ago, and pressure from my wisdom teeth has caused it to basically explode - I need to get to the dentists, really - I've been hoping it'd sort itself out on it's own, but no dice :-/ ). Codeine is therefore my new God :D
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Feeling much better today - managed to sleep for a decent amount of time last night (and woke up while it was still AM to boot :D ), went grocery shopping on my own yesterday (a big deal for me - I end up having panic attacks when I do this sometimes), made a really nice icon for a competition and found out that another icon I made a while back won first place :D

I'm putting this down to coming off my meds - I really shouldn't be relying solely on an antipsychotic, so I'm going to stop taking it until my next appointment when I can say what happened and hopefully get a more balanced treatment.

Also, I've just bought and been playing Final Fantasy III DS - liking what they've done with it so far, although I'm hoping Cloud of Darkness hasn't been neutered compared to the Famicom version. And I just ordered the Season 1 boxset of Supernatural - they had it on Amazon for 2/3 off the normal price - so I'm really looking forward to a marathon of Dean & Sam goodness when that arrives :D


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