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Got an unexpected birthday present of my brother and his gf today - £20 to spend as I wish. Turned out what I wished was a boxset of Bette Davis films (All About Eve, Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte and The Virgin Queen) - it only cost £10, but I should really spend the rest on boring essentials like electricity.

This is now THE NIGHT OF CAMP. See you on the other side. C: 

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Mar. 15th, 2010 08:47 pm
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Considering moving back to self-hosted Wordpress - I kind of miss it, and it's a much nicer platform to work from than LJ. Now I have a static IP address it'll be a much smaller PITA to deal with the DNS stuff too. Probably best to wait until I have a more stable computer though - can't be doing with the site barely being online.

Shouldn't mean much change here in any case - there's a nice plugin to crosspost stuff to LJ, so any real entries I may or may not make will get sent over here along with all the daft memes, Twitter roundups and writers block thingies.

In other news, got around to watching Final Destination 4 *steadfastly refuses to use confusing real name*. After the shitfest that was the third film I wasn't expecting much, but turned out to be pretty fun. :)
Also, getting a touch bored of my music collection... recsplz? (mainly looking at [ profile] gunnhildr and [ profile] alkazar as I'm in an industrial/metal-type mood as of late, but it's all good)



Mar. 4th, 2010 03:00 am
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Weird thing that happened this week #?? (there's been a few)

This afternoon I decided to watch Cabaret (always going to be my favourite musical C: ). Fun time had by all. A couple of hours ago I turned the TV on to do something on the Windows box, flicked from AV 5 to AV 3, and guess what was playing when I passed through regular TV? Spooky. :O

Also, I wish this cold would die already. *gets another Lemsip & heads off to bed* :[


Oct. 7th, 2009 05:49 pm
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And here I thought banning films was just some quaint memory...

The board said the movie’s nonstop scenes of torture — including amputation, eye-gouging, castration and evisceration — make it impossible to edit the film in a way which would make it acceptable for British viewers.

Seriously, BBFC... you made an 18 rating to restrict films for those supposedly able to think for themselves (and a completely pointless R18 one, because porn's special 9_9 ) - shouldn't legal adults be allowed to decide whether something's "acceptable" to them? DIAF, you fucking Whitehouse-zombie twats.
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From [ profile] taure:
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Tree From My Youth is love, and everyone not listening to it should do so. Now.

Still undecided on seeing Watchmen. Plenty of people have been saying how great it is, but I'm worried that either it'll be as big a rapist of the comic as V4V et al. were, or that I'll be overly critical of it because I expect this even if it's wonderful... :/

Also this showed up on my watchlist, and seeing as I'm never around at appropriate times for AIM recently (really should do something about that D: ) I thought I'd link it for [ profile] wrongly_amused and [ profile] sarshin: <3
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K - finally seen it now. I gave up waiting for people not to be busy shopping, working stupid hours, giving their cats away to new homes, traipsing around cathedrals etc. and just downloaded the damn thing - I'll most likely be going to see it in the pictures when someone can manage to go with me (no fun in going on my own) so no big deal, really.

and the spoilers shall follow )


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