Jan. 18th, 2011


Jan. 18th, 2011 05:20 pm
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I don't think my antipsychotics are working as well as they should be (there's been quite a lot of instances in the past week where I haven't been sure if I was actually doing something or dreaming it), which could be due to my being ill (monster flu still hasn't gone away fully yet), but could be a sign I need to have my meds reviewed, which may well end up with me turning into a fat, sexless zombie again. My body-clock is completely fucked up; while I'm sleeping and waking at relatively "normal" times, my body seems to be convinced it's summer, making me want to do nothing except have tepid-water showers and drink Tizer. Oh, and this beard idea really hasn't worked out - the colour is very uneven, it's all shaggy over my lips, it keeps getting tangled in my labret stud and it feels unpleasantly greasy. Gonna borrow my stepdad's shears tomorrow and get rid (I would just use the electric razor, but it might be too thick). Also, Will left me with epic hickeys that make me look like I've been strangled and my hair appears to have gone insane - I'm tempted to buzz the hawk off along with my beard when I get hold of the shears. So yeah... mad beard, mad hair, bruised neck, bad cough... I'm not exactly at my prettiest.

Anyway, how're you guys?


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